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Privacy Policy

We understand that issues surrounding personal privacy and the Internet are a major concern. We do not collect or assemble personal information for sale. We are committed to protecting the rights of all our visitors and want to share with you how we gather information to improve our pages.

First, we want to assure you as you explore our site that we do not collect any sensitive data that you would not want us to know without consent. The only information we acquire is that which you submit through e-mail, phone interviews, or written correspondence and would like to be published on this site.

The information we may track includes the number of visitors we receive to certain pages, the country from where the user is connecting, the browser being used, keywords from search engines and links from on-line directories used to find us. This type of information helps us analyze the traffic to various sections of our site and aids us in site development. Our goal is to use this data to continue to make the site easy to navigate and meet the needs of our visitors.


We only collect e-mail information for those who wish their information to be known. Those who do provide us with their e-mail addresses may receive periodic mailings from us with information about NACAA.